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My research was out of date almost as soon as I hit publish.A year later I posted When Law Enforcement is the Perpetrator reviewing one month, November 2015, when more than two LEOs per week were in the news for trafficking in child sex abuse.Seventeen other men came forward claiming sexual abuse by Jacobs between 19 when he was a police officer and a camp counselor. Jacobs admitted he had been molesting boys since he was 19 years old.The local paper headlined “William Jacobs: The Minneapolis pedophile no one stopped.” Upon his arrest, investigators found some 150,000 child rape images/videos in Jacobs’ home.He had been in custody since his arrest and received one year time served credit.Dunn was caught by an undercover police officer, trading in child rape on a Craig’s List forum.He was caught by an undercover cop in Reno, Nevada Sheriff’s Office.The Detroit Free Press reports Martinez has been suspended with pay pending trial.

He pleaded guilty, 22 February 2016, and was sentenced, , to life in prison.How do you think the police here might have handled your complaint?How well do you think your children are being protected?Harding also raped his two stepdaughters, age 5 and 9, and produced child pornography of that abuse.He also “attempted to set times to swap his stepdaughter for another pedophile’s child.”In 2011, Harding had been named Officer of the Year. William Allan Jacobs, 50 year old retired Police Chief of Minneapolis Park Minnesota, was arrested, 2010, on child pornography and child sex abuse charges and pleaded guilty, March 2012. After “five decades of unfettered access to children,” Jacobs was finally caught when a young boy reported being sexually abused over a three year period.

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