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The notes of the composition are appearing alternately, like echo.

The composition features intoxicating Himalayan blue poppy, white and yellow flowers (mimosa, rose, freesia...) and vanilla flower.

She is very sophisticated and classy yet not intimidating. For me these scents, which you can find mostly on the lower shelves, are like old dolls, forgotten in the children rooms - still beautiful, but not very interesting for grown up kids. To me it smells like Sunflowers *should* have smelled. I finally realized I only smelled this when she was passing by me or near me. Overall it tends toward gourmand on me, I get an association of jasmine or orange blossom flavored icecream.

"Come closer, and you may not ever want to leave me...." Will warm the cockles of the coldest of hearts. I am happy we still can enjoy their grace, nevertheless. It does smell very yellow, and I have a hard time putting my finger on what it actually smelled of. Those are the predominant floral notes on me but others come to the fore at different times, lovely! unfortunately something makes it a bit heavy and offputting on me, in the same way as jpg classique and gloria vanderbilt, which makes it difficult for me to wear in the long run. It is in line with and superior to many contemporary gourmandish florals This is such a divine scent!

My mom had this perfume and it still reminds me of my mom so it brings this warm nice feeling when I smell it. I think I could only use this in the winter and at night. Just a tiny bit worried that it might be too sweet for me.

Maybe on special occasions to a opera or something. I smell peach, mimosa, amber and leather the best from this one. I enjoy it best on crisp autumn day, walking in the countryside, smelling fires and fallen leaves, my eyes sweeping over fields, watching the nature preparing for winter sleep. I have a 50 ml bottle which is gonna last me a very long time because all you need is 2 sprits max and you are good for 8-10 hrs. If you dived into the deep end of a perfume swimming pool you would come up smelling like Poeme !! I put Poeme in the same league as Organza and Amarige when it comes to sweetness, and I can't wear neither of those.

It lasted for hours on my skin and clothing, and projection is such that my entire home smells of it after only two spritzs. Poeme brings all those memories back, wrapped in a warm blanket. back when perfumers weren't afraid to make PERFUME.

Mimosa doesn't always work for me, it sometimes becomes weirdly dusty on me, but in this fragrance it's very well blended and nice. Poême doesn't change completely or drastically like many other fragrances in the drying down process. It just adds more supports to its structural notes. Right now I only put it on the back of my hands just to test it, and it's too soon to predict how I will respond to Poeme after a full day at work.

This perfume smells very feminine and has a soft nature, there is nothing sharp in it, but it's still very intense and long lasting. To Undra: I think Poême now still has the same quality with the Poême over 10 years ago as I still have a bottle from way back to compare with. I really hope I will enjoy it, but there is this litte "but" that makes me a bit hesitant.

Poeme is a poem in the world of perfumes; the contrasts of bitter and sweet create a special sensual aura.

The bottle with this miraculous bitter honey is a synthesis of the contrasts – attractive curves and straight lines.

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