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Aside from simply wanting to visit because I hadn’t been there before, I was hoping that I could be granted a longer Schengen Visa there, as I had been hearing people getting 1-year to 18-month visas after applying at the Netherlands Embassy here in Dubai.I prepared a simple checklist before committing to my plan: is indeed a city for the curious as there are a lot of things which are legal there while illegal in most other places in the world.The camera show Singel canal and the busy junction between the Flower market (off-screen right), the roads that run between the shops, hotels, cinemas and restaurants at Leidseplein in the bottom right corner.The popular shopping areas of Spui are to the top left, and Kalverstraat to the top centre.We hebben de beste advertenties van de mooiste escorts in Nederland voor de best mogelijke prijs.

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The camera displays Koningsplein, a popular meeting place for a local community in a central Amsterdam.That said, it is still evident that water is a big part of life in the Netherlands’ capital city: the canal ring area of Amsterdam even is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.The canals certainly contribute to the charm of the city.One of the things on my priority list to do in Amsterdam was to cruise along its famous canals.The city is surrounded by a web of interconnecting canals just like Venice, although unlike Venice there is still enough land in Amsterdam to walk, drive and cycle (we’ll come to more on that later).

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