Are chelsea handler and chubby dating

And she certainly doesn't hold back when it comes to celebrities. CH: I have yoga once a week for my staff with Mandy Ingber.

"Paris Hilton is going on a goodwill mission to Rwanda," she once said on the show, in her trademark raspy monotone. "I do this." When the food arrives, she instructs me to hand her my plate.

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There is nothing else you're capable of doing besides this. " And I was cast as a rape victim, so it was a dramatic role, which made it all the more absurd. But of course, my sister doesn't remember that conversation at all. He's very sweet and antithetical to what you'd think of him.

"It's the first time an entire third-world country will have to get immunizations for a visitor." Chelsea's take-no-prisoners approach can be polarizing, but it has also won her 4.4 million followers on Twitter who can't get enough of her candor. "It's nice to go out and have a drink in the middle of the week." Did I hear that right? As she dishes up salad, the salty blonde with the telltale dark roots seems far nicer than the acerbic persona we see on the small screen.

If there were a Hollywood Walk of Shame, this decidedly non-golden girl would be the first one down on all fours — and most likely face-planting right into the cement. But — surprise, surprise — a sharp-tongued, foul-mouthed boozehound is not who I encounter when we meet. Still dressed in what she wore on the air — a soft-pink blouse, skinny gray jeans, and platform boots — she talks about starting a foundation to nurture teenage girls, gushes over photos she's just snapped of her newest puppy, Gary, talks about scrapbooking (!

At the next morning, she phones to say she's running a little early. Okay, so maybe the sworn-to-be-single New Jersey native isn't quite ready to settle down, but over a few rounds of — you guessed it — vodka, we get Chelsea to make her biggest confession yet: She's kind of a sweetie. I couldn't believe that hunky guy with the big '70s hair is [your now-bald brother] Roy! That's what my sister always said: "Don't worry, you'll peak later."RB: Did being the youngest of six shape you? People always tell me I need to have a kid, and I say, "No, I don't." Because I wouldn't have just one kid; I'd have six. So I just kind of fill my house with tons of rejects and misfits so it feels like I have a bunch of children. CH: Well, my brother Roy lives with me, and my friend Shelly, who's a lesbian from Dallas. Very rarely do I get loopy, and if I do, it's at my house... Then again, you became a star by breaking all the rules, from sleeping with your boss [Chelsea dated Ted Harbert, chairman of NBC Broadcasting and former president and CEO of Comcast Entertainment Group, which owns E! Do you ever feel like you're an anti-authority figure? RB: Did you ever doubt yourself, think you wouldn't make it? I remember I had been auditioning and auditioning for RB: How old were you at the time?

And right now one of my assistants is living at my house because I got a new puppy and I didn't realize it needed to be housebroken, and I'm like, "Ahhh, I'm not waking up every two hours to take this baby out." So it's really fun to go home and have a house full of people. Drinking has always been a big part of your shtick. [an all-female prank show], and I got fired from every job because I could never listen to a manager who told me I'd be quizzed on the menu. CH: I was probably 24, and my family was living in New Jersey, and they were all sending me money on a regular basis. What you are going to end up doing is creating your own thing." And then I got the call on the other line that I had gotten .

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