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The company has been helping singles for over twenty-five years when it comes to searching for a serious relationship.

Palm Beach Gardens Dating Service is the answer for 40 singles looking for a meaningful relationship.

I remember getting our first stereoseeing the Beatles and Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Showtrue value stamps (my mother made me lick them .....yuck)Sinclaire Gas Station (green dino)the show Here Comes the Brides ( I had a thing for Bobby Sherman)Campfire Girls (I got kicked out......)singing soprano in the church choir (you should hear my voice now) Oh Yes... I remember sneaking a poster of him into church, folded up and stuck in my bible, to share with the girls in Sunday School... Spending every summer afternoon at the pool and never using sun screen or lotion. Watching Death Valley Days and The Lawrence Welk Show on Saturday evenings.

The modern boomer, like everyone else on a social site, would like a little company.

For a boomer travel meet up, you’ve found the right place. Instead, it’s “fly in a private charter airplane to an Exotic Island where you can swim with dolphins or stingrays, snorkel the coral reefs, scuba dive in the deep sea, jet ski in the bay, party and dance the night away, go sailing, kayaking, zipline through a rain forest.” A show of hands for anyone ready for that. You’ll see a top ad running for Singles Events – Portland. Better Boomer says open your arms to new experience and old. WRESTLE WITH CARE: Sports make you believe you always have a chance.

They organize events that sound challenging, which is key to better boomers everywhere. From Sandwich Generation failure to impossible odds of victory, there's always that chance if you look hard.

The North Ridgeville conversion chart said 1 detention=2 swats. For someone who didn't want to admit she remembers the Herculoids, you're O. Those were the good ole days............especially when my parents would back up whatever 'punishment' was doled out - they trusted the teachers and the schools.

I was 1 swat away from being in the clear when the principal stopped it and gave me a bunch more detentions for being stupid enough to take all those swats at once. Remember when the schools could make up their own rules to keep us in line, and didn't have to worry about getting sued, or worse yet, some kid going back in with a gun?

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