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Sharks are known for shedding hundreds of teeth on a regular basis; if the megalodon shark was still alive, they would be expected to shed the most teeth out of all of these sharks.

Every megalodon tooth that has been found is ancient.

Skeptics feel as if the megalodon shark may possibly be in existence deep down in the ocean.

While it is true that we have not explored every inch of the world’s oceans, and it is likely that there are undiscovered species living in the depths of the waters, the belief that the megalodon shark may still be alive today has yet to be proven.

As mentioned earlier, scientists are still trying to uncover particulars of this prehistoric shark, including their diet.

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Yes these lengths are pretty impressive, but it does not even compare to the megalodon shark.The oceans’ steadily increasing colder temperatures may very well be what killed off the megalodon shark.Another plausible belief is that the ancient shark’s preferred prey began to migrate to colder waters.The megalodon shark (Carcharodon megalodon) was a massive being that would put modern day sea predators to shame.If you are currently afraid of the great white shark, then I’m sure you’re happy that you don’t have to worry about the megalodon creeping up under your sailboat.

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