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Signs that a girl is open to dating a gringo, she has lived/travel abroad, she speaks great English, she had/has gringo friends, she hangs out in places where gringos go, etc. If you only speak English, you will most likely meet girls who speak English and have travelled/lived in US (or Europe) and hang out around gringos (see #1 above).On the other hand, if you speak Portuguese, you will meet all Brazilian girls, and it’ll be harder to filter which ones are open for dating a gringo.Our dating site has thousands of profiles of Brazilian women.You can search, browse and meet women who are looking for men from outside Brazil.

Of course, it is not necessary that you will find the perfect Brazilian woman in one meeting.

In Rio, Ipanema and Leblon have the most beautiful, but richer girls, while Lapa and Botafogo have more down to earth variety.

Rio is a beautiful city situated with mountainous landscapes and blessed with a gorgeous beach.

So remember to GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry) before you go to Rio.

Unlike in US or Europe, girls here play much less games.

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