Cat car moving sedating

An airline will require a health certificate for the cat, issued within 10 days of departure; a car trip requires a certificate from within 30 days.Select a carrier that is well-ventilated and big enough for your cat to get up, move around in and stretch.Choose the right carrier so your cat is comfortable.It should be tall enough for your cat to stand in, and wide enough to allow your cat to turn around.A skittish feline on a long car or airplane ride can make your travels more stressful during and after arrival.

Take a short drive of five to 10 minutes, then return home.

The carrier should also have a secure latch on its door and side air vents so your cat can breathe fresh air.

Train the cat to associate positive events with the carrier.

Cat's Arnold Plotnick, DVM, recommends these sprays to calm cats during car travel and to accustom them to stressful environments.

They are available through some pet stores and veterinary offices.

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