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any first-time travelers to China find themselves splashed in the face by an ice-cold bucket of culture shock. Don’t spit, and whatever you do kids, don’t pee on the street!

Chinese surnames are usually one syllable and come before their given names.

Most people don’t realize that Yao Ming’s last name is “Yao,” so he’d be addressed as Mr. But these days, many Chinese — especially younger ones and those in tourism — have adopted an English name to make life easier for everyone ().

Just a short note on conversational topics: Don’t be surprised (or hopefully offended) if conversation suddenly turns to topics that you feel are too personal.

For instance, westerners are often surprised and offended by comments about their personal appearance (such as their weight or nose…or size of their nose).

Having said that, I hope this information will help you be a good guest in China.

And maybe more importantly, I hope this information will help you keep your cool when you’re tempted to go ballistic on the guy who just cut in front of you in line.

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In other words, it’s as if their rules of etiquette don’t apply when dealing with strangers on the street — replaced by an every-man-for-himself code of conduct. Another factor to keep in mind is that China’s history — both long-term and as recently as a generation ago — has largely been one of survival of the fittest.

Also, when you’re being introduced to someone, stand up and remain standing for a while if you’re seated.

In China, seniority matters: the oldest person gets the most respect so address them first when first meeting (or saying goodbye).

Similarly, don’t be surprised if you’re asked questions about how much money you make . In China, these types of nosy (pun intended) questions aren’t considered rude. For your part, you should avoid making any perceived criticism about China, even against the government.

I’ve found that most Chinese have pretty thin skin when foreigners (especially Westerners) make comments comparing China with their own countries.

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