Claudia winkleman dating

“I mean, it could have been a programme about ponies and I would have been like, ‘With Mary? A You Gov survey recently found that a third of children in the UK eat their supper in front of the TV, while adults eat around 79 million ready meals a week.Winkleman and Berry said they hoped the programme would highlight the importance of families eating together at meal times. I once pretended that I was a nurse (a seriously slutty one) and took his temperature.

On 12 September, 2009, the duo married at Hampton Court Palace. Speaking alongside Winkleman during an interview with Emma Freud for the Radio Times, Berry revealed her co-star settled any nerves she had about doing the show.She said: “I love judging because by now I know what I’m about – but I really wanted to do it well. "It's Sunday night and I'm on the sofa with my husband. He's not a total moron, and he certainly doesn't dribble when he's eating crisps. And I think, after a particularly festive Christmas party, that I went the whole hog and put on some red lipstick and some tinsel round my, um, let's call it neck. When we first dated I thought nothing of throwing on a basque (yes, I'm not proud of myself either) and I hoisted my legs into barely black stockings on a regular basis.

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