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If you wish to make or enquire about a claim please see our How to make a claim section for further information. Alternatively refer to your Policy Booklet for more information.

Copies of the Policy Booklets can be found in our Policy booklets section.

If you are thinking of visiting a country outside of the European Union, please call us on 08 and one of our customer service advisers will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

Please click here for a list of countries that we automatically provide cover for driving in.

If your vehicle isn’t used on a road or other public place, you do not need to buy insurance for it if you have made a SORN declaration.

So if you usually put your car away for the winter and cancel your car insurance, or if it's off-road and on private land for some other reason, make sure you submit a SORN, otherwise you may face a fixed penalty fine, court prosecution, or having the vehicle seized and destroyed.

By asking you a series of questions, we aim to ensure that we are only speaking to you, or someone with your authority acting directly on your behalf.

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You do not need a Green Card if you are driving in the European Union.You will be entitled to a pro rata refund providing you have made no claims within the policy year.Please note that there will be an administration fee of up to £50 if you cancel your policy mid-term.If you have had the sole personal use of a company car (e.g.have had a car reserved for your own use both for work and for pleasure purposes) but have lost it due to retirement, change in position or due to changes in taxation laws, you will be allowed NCD in accordance with the number of claim free years immediately preceding the start date of your motor insurance policy.

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