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Who knows, you might meet someone you get along with?

A Coventry-based estate agency are recruiting for new agents to work in their flagship Dubai office.

Some countries are more liberal in their practices than others, while some are very traditional and conservative. Dating in Dubai is more or less similar to dating practices in other places.

In some Asian countries such as China and India, a lot of people do not believe in dating and so arranged marriages are very common. What sets it apart is that it is a combination of modern dating behavior and the traditional Arab dating customs.

Dubai is generally more liberated than any other Arab nation-state and that is why a lot of people from all over the world visit or live in this city.

Coming to Dubai because of job and business opportunities, the Dubai population is a mix of different nationalities and cultures. Why don’t you try visiting Dubai, hangout, and make friends with other people – locals and expats alike?

It is hard to classify the dating in Dubai in general because of the different outlooks of people.

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Ivy sat down with the The Wall Street Journal to discuss the difficulty of recruiting in an unconventional industry.

Just like a business or idea, a relationship needs a lot of work and time for it to really grow into something powerful. Working with a matchmaker enables you to continue dealing with your busy work schedule and personal commitments, while we take over the time-consuming partner search and vetting process.

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Chris is a year-old online single man who is interested in women.

The best place to find someone available would be pubs and clubs.

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