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This weighting between the costs and benefits of changing can produce profound ambivalence that can cause people to remain in this stage for long periods of time.This phenomenon is often characterized as chronic contemplation or behavioral procrastination.Multiple unsuccessful attempts at change can lead to demoralization about the ability to change.Precontemplators are often characterized in other theories as resistant, unmotivated, or unready for help.Only a minority (usually less than 20%) of a population at risk is prepared to take action at any given time.Thus, action-oriented guidance misserves individuals in the early stages.

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The stage construct represents a temporal dimension. Surprisingly, none of the leading theories of therapy contained a core construct representing time.People in the Precontemplation stage do not intend to take action in the foreseeable future, usually measured as the next six months.Being uninformed or under informed about the consequences of one’s behavior may cause a person to be in the Precontemplation stage.Typically, they have already taken some significant action in the past year.These individuals have a plan of action, such as joining a gym, consulting a counselor, talking to their physician, or relying on a self-change approach.

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