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I’m not really sure if Tebow used any lines from his immortalized speech to pick her up or not. And for what it’s worth, Erin Drewes is hotter than that and she just happens to be getting even hotter… According to this story, Urban Meyer had a plaque placed outside the front of Florida’s Stadium with the Tim Tebow “I will work harder than everyone” speech engraved for all fans to walk by in disgust.

Looks like the line to blow Tim Tebow got a little longer.

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Unfortunately, intangibles can’t be factored in and my crystal ball hasn’t begun working yet for the 2009 season so it’s impossible to declare one better than the other at this juncture.

Would one more Heisman and one more National Championship change my mind? With many thanks to facebook, internet aficionados were able to dig up even more glorious, glorious pictures of the lovely Erin Drewes.

The only problem was that they were never a couple despite what most message boards and blogs claimed.

With that in mind, Frazier’s three losses came at the hands of unranked Iowa State (10-19 on November 14, 1992 in his third career start), #3 Florida State (January 1, 1993 in the Orange Bowl), and to #1 Florida State (January 1, 1994 in the Orange Bowl/National Championship game).

The point here is that two of his three losses came in his freshman season.

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