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don't you dare ask God to help me" --Joan Crawford to her housekeeper who began to pray aloud "Oinka Oinka Oinka why you awake" --Tweeted by Amy Winehouse "I'm goin' to heaven!--Edward Abbey "That was a great game of golf fellas! " --Australian entertainer Belinda Emmett to her sister who she caught weeping as she lay dying of cancer "Please don't let me fall" --Mary Surratt, before being hanged for her part in the conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln Jim is always going to the bar after work with his friends.Jim always gets to drunk which is creating a real problem with his work, wife, and family.She looks at him for a second, and then at the money.She looks back at him and says "Okay, but why is there 40 dollars here? " Boudreaux was a professional wrestler down in south Louisiana with an undefeated record.

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    "Kiss me quick while we still have this feeling, because tomorrows can be so uncertain, love can fly and leave just hurting." (Patsy Cline) "You win a while, and then it's done - Your little winning streak." (Leonard Cohen)For many people, the exclusivity implied in strict monogamy is profoundly valuable.

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