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Read about people whose glass is always half empty and who always get the short end of the stick.

Whatever your flavor of comedy, find a liberal dose of reading pleasure that is sure to make you chuckle. This fast-paced comedy of wit and satire is centered on a blackmail scheme of an ethical London politician who committed a crime many years ago to start his fortune.

Do you enjoy dry and satirical humor or a rollicking good time by reading humorous journal entries?

Tales of dating disasters, career blunders and horrible embarrassment are recounted in detail.

" for when there are, like, 10 people in the profile photos and you don't know who you're trying to have sex with.

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Categories: Romance, Humor Relationship advice never goes out of style, as we see in this light, humorous look at the care and management of husbands from over 100 years ago.

At , I'll open the app on a projector and get audience input on who to swipe on and what to write.

There are segments like "This Might Be My Baby," where we guess whether the infant actually belongs to the guy posing with it and "Which One Is It?

Like most people, when I began online dating, I wanted something magical to happen, before hitting the realization that it's a frustrating, lonely experience.

So to cope, many of us act "too cool" — it seems better not to care.

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