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Having someone out there that knows how I feel and what I'm going through is very reassuring. He has been away for almost 2 weeks now and I don't really miss him.This is the first time my husband has gone away for a long period of time, he is going to be gone anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months. Not sure about being a truckers wife in this relationship I'm not sure if being a wife of a trucker is for me. Here's my current question: How do those of you whose children are grown (I was …

I regret my boyfriend ever started driving because my life is pure hell. New at life as a truckers wife, looking for insight and advice Not rated yet My finance just started his new job on the road.

I'm glad I found this site, iv found a lot of good information. Mrs matthews new trucker wife he's been gone a week! I know he is doing it to take care of our family, me and 1 yr old daughter. New truckers wife (since 2007) of an o/o trucker alone at night... Need to talk with those that travel with their husbands on the OTR jobs! And we talk everyday on Instant Messanger or phone. I'm worried because I haven't heard from him in 9 days! Casting Television Show about Trucker Wives New television series looking for truck driver families willing to share their lives with us.

I would like to have some pros and cons from the wives that go with husbands. We are looking for families dealing with the real life issues …

We are interested in doing a documentary for television about a group … Suggestions on meals and ways to cook for 2 on the road?

He just left for orientation 13 hours ago.I have not stopped crying since he left.. new to dealing with a trucker husband on the road My husband just finish training with the new company and we manage to last thru the hours of him studying and learning. wondering if she should ride with her husband over the road well my hubby is going over the road for the first time and he would like me to go with him and i honestly would love too but every one keeps saying im … He said trucking over our marriage, what should I do? My husband just started OTR trucking :( Hi everyone, My husband and I actually just got married august 28th and he started his job 3 wks before we got married. I am looking for recipes for my trucker and myself as I am on the road with him.

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