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Their popularity was revived, with other medieval features, during the Gothic revival of the 19th century so that they are seen in Christian churches all over the world.

The origin of the rose window may be found in the Roman oculus.

This theory suggests that crusaders brought the design of this attractive window to Europe, introducing it to churches.

But the decorative pattern for rose and, independently, the tracery, are very present in vestiges of the early Christian architecture, Byzantine architecture, and especially in Merovingian art, and Visigothic architecture before arrived of Islam in Spain.

About Us How to buy from us Shipping Antiques Finders Service About Us As Jack and Jackie Simonini we are a husband and wife partnership and have specialised in early English oak and country furniture from the medieval period to the 17th century for over 30 years.

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But also of the halves editing roses are known, as with the church of San Juan Bautista in Baños de Cerrato.

The German art historian Otto von Simson considered that the origin of the rose window lay in a window with the six-lobed rosettes and octagon which adorned the external wall of the Umayyad palace Khirbat al-Mafjar built in Jordan between 740 and 750 CE.

The name "rose window" was not used before the 17th century and according to the Oxford English Dictionary, among other authorities, comes from the English flower name rose.

The term "wheel window" is often applied to a window divided by simple spokes radiating from a central boss or opening, while the term "rose window" is reserved for those windows, sometimes of a highly complex design, which can be seen to bear similarity to a multi-petalled rose.

The octagonal dome has a ring of oculi with two in each of the curved faces.

In Trebic, Czech Republic, is the 12th- and 13th-century Romanesque style Basilica of St Procopius with apsidal windows similar to those at Worms, but in this case the openings are filled with tracery of a Gothic form, clearly marking the transition to a new style.

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