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Heather Graham (Getty)Hank's past is coming back to haunt him this season on Californication.Heather Graham (The Hangover) has been a season-long arc on Season 7 of the Showtime series, Deadline reports.

Graham spoke to I started writing the script about seven years ago. I had some girlfriends who I’d get together with regularly, and we'd make wishes for things.

But I have enjoyed some good romantic situations over the years … Read Full Story Heather Graham isn't too concerned when she doesn't have a lot on her plate career-wise, she'd rather sleep anyway! Find pics, videos and articles on Heather Graham here.

Is Hollywood a more difficult place to meet men and have a real life? The actress said she cherishes the down time in between projects and enjoys the days she can just relax and do what she wants. In America, everyone is driven to succeed and wake up and do something.

As a woman, at that time in my life, I felt disempowered, so we found some feeling of power together by joking around.

I think moving forward on the subject of sex, for women, is about women knowing what feels good to them, having healthy boundaries and asking for what they want.

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