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The 1970 Miss World contest was disrupted by ‘Women’s Lib’ protesters who suddenly emerged from the audience and threw flour bombs at the host, Bob Hope.

True, it can’t so easily be accused of rampant sexism, since it’s men and women alike who parade for the delectation of the judges (by which I mean the one judge on the show and all the others at home, assuming there will be any audience left by the end of the series).

What is most dispiriting about all this is that the show degrades not just those taking part, not just Richardson — who keeps dropping sexual and physiological facts in a blatant attempt to give this voyeuristic nonsense some kind of scientific credibility — and not just Channel 4.

But in a way we could do with such a spirited campaigner again, if only to remind us that shows such as Naked Attraction aren’t nearly as modern and liberating as those who make and broadcast them think they are. For me, as for many people of my generation (I am 54), an annual treat of my childhood was to sit up with my parents watching the Miss World contest on television.

Will they next conceive a show in which contestants are actually allowed to cop a feel of these naked patsies?

The contestants then reject the dates one by one for purely physical reasons mainly attached to their genitalia.

This is kind of weird, because aren't we told all the time that personality is just as, if not more important than looks when it comes to dating? Also, maybe his stance might be a bit weird because he's scared to have his willy out on TV?

There's also a bisexual dater in the first episode, so some there's a combination of men and women in the boxes.

The transformation of an intact biodiverse forest to plantations…

Read More Angela Glienicke - 22nd May 2018 It’s like history is repeating itself.

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