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We usually met for dinner and a few drinks and then to a neutral place. My feeling is that you're enabling your husband's fantasies and fetishes. After 40 years of feminism, is this what women really want to be doing? But it's not something that should be driven by the need to please your husband or boyfriend. Even if he gives you permission, is he doing it for the right reason?

It just seems bizarre that women should be wanting to experience bisexuality for the purpose of propping up their boyfriend's or husband's fantasies. Think about it.mick2521ya i follow what you say.if any man or woman whats to exsperience new things an thier sexuality are they doing it for themselves or are they just doing it trying to please somebody eles.these kinds of "situations" it always seems like the woman is merly doing it to satisfy something for thier man..

an not doing it because they truely want to get to know themselves an exsplore thier own sexuality an life..

Thanks to all who have taken the time to give me some something that I have desired for about 10 years... I would like to travel to another city to have this sexual encounter but I dont know how to meet someone and I am finding on here (POF) there is alot of people messing can you trust someone, that they are who they say they are???

If you find A WORLDLY WOMAN, she will know what you are up to and either move on or get a phone number to meet up again in another setting. I'm thinking that I need to change my profile to look for women...hmmmm.

if you're honest about what you're looking for, you're bound to find opportunity to explore it..

When I was married, my husband and I sought out a steady female partner.

Another point that got brought up is that there are lots of bi/lesbian women that will resent just being the plaything of some couple that is trying something new or spicing things up.

You may have more luck finding someone open to this if you are in a big urban center rather than a small community but make sure you you let whomever you approach exactly what is going on and what kind of relationship you are going to have.

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