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During his travels, he met with dozens of people, including students and businessmen.

From the Kurdish regions in the west to the far-east Mashhad, from Rasht near the Caspian Sea to Bandar Abbas on the Persian Gulf, protesters have taken to the streets to shout slogans against Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and to express their anger about the national poverty while the government wastes money in wars abroad.

In an exclusive interview with “Hungry” is a word Helobi used again and again to describe Iranians today.

Hungry because people are suffering from poverty, but also because the people are hungry for change. It’s not just about changing the government, it’s about doing anything they [need] to get change.” In December, he spent seven days traveling around Tehran and other areas in Iran.

Presently, the regime’s narrative on the protests is to claim that peacefully expressing grievances is acceptable, but rioting is not.

Press TV and other state outlets have sought to bifurcate the protests.

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