To execute the sample, first change the Share Point URL to a valid Share Point environment configured for apps. Event Receivers add-in project and choose Properties to reveal the Share Point tab.

Scroll down to ensure a Windows Azure Service Bus connection string is configured. For more information on Remote Event Receiver debugging, see the section “Debugging Remote Events” at RER.

Once the Windows Azure Service Bus connection string is configured, simply press F5 in Visual Studio.

The web project will run in IIS Express, while the add-in is deployed to Share Point.

Documents are only added or updated in this library from the Content Organizer via a custom Event Receiver/OOTB Approval Workflow combo on multiple Document Center Workspaces--which exist in their own Site Collections.

I've done my due diligence and followed recommendations here and here.

I made sure that the event receiver was not registered twice using the Share Point 2010 Manager tool.

In my case, users do not load documents directly to the site.For more information on this scenario, see the blog post: Visit the video on Channel 9 - Point-Host-Webs-Office-365-Develo Important As of January 2017 Share Point Online does support list webhooks which you can use instead of "-ed" remote event receivers.This is done to facilitate easy debugging using Windows Azure Service Bus.The same code works while debugging locally as well as when the add-in is deployed to production.

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