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It was more of a casserole with a layer of spinach and mushrooms, but very yummy and a lazy girl alternative to the real deal. Well, I made a big tray of brownies one boring Friday night (they’re all boring) and my maid comes on Saturdays. ) This weekend, I went with Slapperella to her dentist, Dr. Dentists make me nervous (gynecologists don’t – isn’t that ironic? Sexy turns around to look at something on his computer (I think he was chatting on MSN with some girl) and I told Slapperella, “He’s doing a Google search on how to do dental procedures!

Our Jahra friends came to dinner on Saturday and they’ll be back on the weekend because we laugh so much.

Somebody has to bring me some camels milk again this weekend or I will become really cranky.

Glad I downloaded all that porn to my USB) and there are only 4 gazillion Hamads in Kuwait anyhooooooo. A) I love Bunny and 2) I love Gaucho and C) I love Desmond the waiter at Gaucho.

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