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The Olympians ‘adopted’ Her after they had defeated the Titans, but She was not of the same kind, & never lived amongst them.

During this time Hekate’s power was still recognized: Zeus gave Her dominion over Heaven, Earth & Sea, & they shared the right to grant or withhold gifts from humanity.

but the idea is valuable in that it might cause someont to think of another possibility...

in a creative environment -stifling any idea is counter productive.

The Romans adopted Hekate, and Her role shifted again.

It is only much later that She is represented as Crone.

Musaeus claims She was born to Asteria and Zeus, Euripides says She is a daughter of Leto, while Thessalian legend has it that Hekate is the daughter of Admetus and a Pheraean woman.

It’s likely that Hekate’s attributed birth changed as different social groups adopted Her worship, but no Greek Clan or Tribe ever claimed decent from Hekate.

that wasn't really necessary since i inherited the "price family nose" which goes back generations-- however ... since with the flu , i had nothing to do except watch tv, i began to wonder where all these blond women came from -- when there are no blond men in the newsrooms anyway..

being in the animal breeding business involving colors of dogs coats, there must be some people study about hair color....i remember... with long red hair- there was a constant "where did that come from"--- so much so that every so often my father ( who's hair was black) would grow his beard-- which was red...

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