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Let’s face it - a lot of transsexuals seeking lesbians on-line are almost a ‘man in a dress’ - I don’t blame most lesbians for hesitating”.Another common challenge for lesbian women first dating transsexuals is role & cultural based.I highly recommend this dating website to any women looking for a unique and special online experience as a way of meeting and engaging with other women.

We love to see some lady-on-lady loving, even if the representations we see are all too often unrealistic or completely messed up. We’ll watch it anyway (and the producers know that, too). But really, we love lesbian films, especially if we need some new ideas, because even the ones that were written and produced by straight people have some ideas that seem pretty exciting, at least to try… (Coincidentally, you can have as many topless women in a film as you want without getting stuck with that rating, but the first time someone takes their panties off, you’ve got “pornography” on your hands.

Every time I turned around I felt I was being judged - like the fact I have to wear a wig or still occasionally shave my neck and face.” That’s not surprising, after all transsexual women go though to legally There’s also some lesbian cultural prejudice.

One ten-years-married lesbian and trans woman couple I met chose not to disclose to other lesbians that the one was transsexual.

“I got sick of it,” says Marnie a 57-year old Missouri TS woman.

“Who died and made lesbians the gatekeepers of deciding whose actually female?

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