Male bisexuals chat rooms

Not a definitive list, and I know some of my picks wouldn't be others' picks as well, but it's idiotic to say there are no hot gays.Nope he is straight r8, married with two kids and having gay sex on camera was so revolting to him, he said he went home and puked.In fact I did all of my holiday shopping during a Bronco game and hit all the sales with no crowds or hassle.

In fact, he just made yet another comeback earlier this month.not really but i believe that all the hot guys are actually bisexual.the real "hot gays" that i've encountered seem to be much less attractive and if i have to pick two random good looking guys, one bi and one gay, it's almost certain that the bisexual guy always looks better than the gay guy.The majority of men of straight..the majority of hot men are straight. And as for present day gays,the home improvement guys, John Gidding and Eduardo Xol are just two openly gay men who look like men! Who's is the guy who owns a basketball team who's openly gay? Sissies hate other sissies(unless the less hot sissy gets her fudge packed by the more hot one, then it is ok!) the same way that fish hate other fish...because they are all basically women!

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