My sister is dating my ex husband 100 00 dating

I discovered that Ann was a highly sexual being, which made me the one who had to keep up, and I had always had a pretty big libido myself, even if I had trouble finding the right outlet.Ann had me beat in the experience department, which wasn't a hard feat, of course.As we had more chances to talk, I quickly found out that there was more to Ann than I initially realized.Not only was she sweet, pretty and, yes, professional, but she was also clever, funny and actually very laid back and a lot of fun to be around.

Needless to say, I wasn't very proud of myself for either instance once the euphoria wore off, although both experiences in and of themselves were a ton of fun and hot by anyone's standard.

To be fair, the main reason I had such limited sexual experience was because I wasn't looking for cheap sex. Incidentally, I met Ann the same day I last saw my ex-girlfriend (who's a whole different story that isn't worth your time.) It was Ann's first day at work where I was (and still am) a supervisor.

Sure, I had and still have my share of fantasies that deviate from the norm, but at the end of the day, I wanted a real relationship, maybe even a wife and kids. She now works as a manager at a different place, but back then she was starting in an entry-level position.

I don't even know how that initial conversation turned the way it did.

All I remember for sure was Ann's telling me that she "used to" have bi-curious dreams.

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