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My body felt like it had been crammed inside an airtight container for way too long I needed some me time.

At 36 years old, I was used to spending more time in the gym than my schedule had allowed me during this past month, and I felt that my muscles really needed to be woken up. Hours with a therapist I saw briefly a few years ago seemed to conclude that I was trying to fill some unspoken, subconscious void in my life with stupid amounts of work.

I, on the other hand, found him incredibly attractive and wondered how I would be able to keep myself under control while under his hands.

Working 16 hour days, no lunch breaks, exceptional stress levels, and a super demanding client were all combining to make me an absolute mess.

It was with a weird mixture of excitement and apprehension that I buzzed up to his apartment.

Im generally totally in control of myself in any situation that I find myself in, but for some reason today, everything felt a little tentative, as I kept mentally scanning back to the details of this massage guys ad. He was a little shorter than me at 58, with startling blue eyes, short brown hair, a trimmed goatee, and beautifully tanned skin.

Turns out that he was available to see me within the hour, as another client had reportedly cancelled.

We exchanged a few quick e-mails, confirming his apartment number and a few other details.

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