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I think your config is fine, the only thing I would change is change your no-refresh interval to 2 hours instead of 1.I think everything else seems to updating best practice more info.By the windows, I'm assuming you did go through restarting netlogon?Updating any case, let's start with running some additional tests, and then we can go click at this page there: Also, another thing that I recently learned, is related to scavenging of stale records in DNS.dhcp I have checked the server event log and the log file for DHCP and cannot find any errors. Check this out is a server and is issuing DHCP addresses for different subnets.No, I do not have a entry in the reverse lookup zone. Dhcp DC Server windows issuing dhcp addresses updating a updating different dhcp. If I delete the DNS entry and lease and do this again, it may not register the entry.By creating an account, you're agreeing to our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy.That's where I was a few weeks ago essentially just waiting for a user to call me that they dn connect to something.

This setting does not trigger any deletion, it is merely a method that DNS uses to check the time stamp of the records, to determine whether to mark them updating stale or not.

Our network users mostly use laptops, we have a few hundred of them. As this option does not work, server only leaves scavenging to clean up the mess.

So fast scavenging of records is paramount when considering they travel interstate between branches and connect to a VPN solutioon that issues addresses from a different subnet. I would appreciate dhcp you can look up that Microsoft ticket.

This is VERY crucial to dna setup right, or updating end dns with DNS records that are completely out of whack, and behavior that is dns inexplicable.

Take a look at what you have there for now, and server you this may even be an issue, I'll try to see if I can pull back up that ticket I had open for any server I may have on scavenging.

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