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About two weeks ago, I came in to work and found a manila envelope on my desk. I opened it up and was stunned to find a typed note that read “Dear Loud Talker, I know more about your TV-watching habits than anyone sitting 30 feet away from you ever should. I also come in earlier than most of the office (around ), so this means the note-writer came in extra early to hand deliver it, which just makes me uncomfortable.

The tone of the letter was super rude and dismissive, not to mention totally childish to type an anonymous note.

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This is something I am aware of, and actively working on. I hear other’s conversations all day long, from medical issues to childcare conundrums. There was no note, even though it was sitting next to my cup of pens and a post-it note stack.

I can only assume this was another passive-aggressive dig at me to be quiet. Since I received the note, I have intentionally NOT engaged in playful conversations with my teammates. I tried to talk to my boss’s boss about it, but he is at a conference all week.

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