Online dating at plently of fish com

Members that choose the free version are still able to use most of the common features, although upgrading your subscription has strong benefits to connect more with members and lets users customize their profile more as information is added.

Plentyof Fish has several personality and dating tests to take and share sitewide.

My personal experience was that there were hundreds of men that were sitting on chat with no desire to climb out of their recliners and meet someone. And BECAUSE IT IS FREE, married men leave no trail for credit card and are able to use the site to shop for "hookups".

The few men who did meet me, lied about their ages or used their son's photo. I quit the site in disgust after making the acquaintance of the Sanford County "dungeon master" who was using it to troll for submissive women. POF is "free" just as MMO games are "free" Free to play; pay to win.

All those fake profiles seeking sex are just online dating debris.

Learning to push past the fakes and find someone to relate to - that is part of it.

The company may be facing some technology bumps with down time and users hacking the site, but all in all this site offers simple yet straight forward service. POF isn't known for great followup or customer service, so this could explain why they have complaints left unresolved.

POF seemed a good place to start with online dating.

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Plenty of Fish claims there was no personal information affected or data lost, and that they would prevent similar issues in the future.The Plenty of Fish app also struggles a bit with location glitches, constant message errors, account or login issues, and more.New updates may make the POF app virtually useless to members that want to connect connect to their account by mobile phone or device.When he first launched the site, Frind worked on it part-time until 2004.Four years later, he started hiring other employees in Vancouver, British Columbia..

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