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Fees for permits and plan review increased on January 1, 2018.

Payment of fees for Permits and other services can now be made by credit card at the administrative office of Otonabee Conservation.

I couldn't find a clear picture of what the VISA requirements were for entering the country, either. ❤️ pic.twitter.com/VPcg72Xu VN— Josh Long (龙之春, जोश) (@starbuxman) March 7, 2018 Needless to say, I was even more grateful to be flying Emirates on my way to my next stop, India!

Most websites I found said that Americans didn't need VISAs, but I couldn't readily find anything that looked like it was from the Dubai government. It was as if Apple or Tesla had designed an immigration system. 06 March 2018 I woke up Wednesday the 28th of February prepared to get on a flight to Glasgow, Scotland. I even got out of bed, took a hasty shower, and talked to my partner Tammie about the type of plane and we talked about her plans while I was gone.

I speak French (so that helped in Paris) and he speaks German (that'll help in Mainz)! We'll even have a bit more time to articulate our ideas - an hour!

I'd never been to Dubai so I confess I wasn't sure to expect. Turns out, they love Pivotal and Spring almost as much as the world loves their airline! It was fun speaking to you about reactive @cloudnativejava @cloudfoundry @springcloud @springboot - and thank you for the amazing gift!It's my favorite time of the year, the first day of Spring! And, almost as if to ring in the new season with an extra jolt of caffeine, Java 10 was released today, as well! I downloaded the Linux distro for JDK 10, unpacked it and then changed my and got a number of errors complaining that JAXB was missing.There's so much to enjoy one hardly knows where to get started! Java 9 dropped support for the various types that used to be part of Java EE as those have since been moved to a separate foundation. Thankfully, the correct version is already managed for us by the Spring Boot starter parent so all that was required was adding the dependency: ..new friends like Alan Cooper ("the father of Visual Basic").. It seemed like every other person I spoke to knew, in some way, of Pivotal and our CEO and decades-long agile guru Rob Mee, and many even had great stories to share of their interactions with him and Pivotal (or Pivotal Labs, part of Pivotal)! I had a wonderful time, and spent days exploring the city while I was at the show.There I was, in India, talking to people who worked with my company's CEO more than a decade ago. All in all, yet another amazing trip to India for which I'm eternally grateful and which I shall not soon forget. I went from Sydney to Singapore and then from Singapore to Dubai. And there I was, in this amazing country that looked like the computer-generated models of futuristic cities in science fiction movies or in advertising but that we hardly expect to experience first hand.

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