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I loved this drama to pieces when I first watched it, and I think it holds up reasonably well with age.(Delicious Relationship) – A prickly chef and a down-in-her-luck food connoisseur, Karasawa Toshiaki and Nakayama Miho were PERFECT together.Folks have asked me to add Taiwan and Japan dramas to my ratings list, and I certainly have watched enough to render opinions on quite a few works.Rather than rating the ones I’ve watched and care to even talk about, I thought it more productive to write about them in a comprehensive post.Maybe I was too young since I watched it when it aired and never quite got that melancholy magic that went with it.I love it for introducing me to the hotness that was Takenouchi Yutaka.If you hit on one that you love, it might just became an all-time favorite.

For some reason I just never loved it the way others have.

The story has been remade all around Asia, but this is all-around favorite version.

Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao were magical together, turning two very polarizing character tropes into made-for-each-other shippiness.

Takenouchi Yukata went from just a hottie to a sex god here, Tanaka Misako really nailed the ugly duckling bit, plus bonus points for having– Kimura Takuya (Kimu Taku) and Tokiwa Takako in the handicapped in person but not in spirit love story. Tokiwa Takako had way better chemistry here with Fukuyama Masaharu than she did in Beautiful Life with Kimu Taku.

This sucker was a ratings monster and with good reason. This is Japan’s version ofand they pulled it off masterfully.

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