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The first front-line aircraft to operate from Lossiemouth were a detachment of twelve Vickers Wellington bombers belonging to No.

bombs from RAF Lakenheath brings protests like this to an end But author Hans Kristensen, a leading expert on the U. nuclear arsenal, said it was unclear exactly when the last bombs were removed from Lakenheath. Air Force document dated January last year, setting out details of safety inspections at American military nuclear sits, lets slip that a series of emergency drills are 'not applicable to Lakenheath.'The last remaining weapons at Lakenheath are reported to have been relatively primitive B-61 freefall bombs, designed in the 1960s to be dropped from long-range bombers onto targets into the Soviet Union.

Construction started during the summer of 1938, when 220 ha (540 acres) of agricultural land was acquired in order to accommodate the airfield.

The land was cleared of vegetation and buildings and by the spring of 1939 several wooden huts were present. E Maitland was the first station commander and took up post in March 1939, with the station formally opening on .

Aircraft were stored in the open until the first hangars were completed in August 1939.

That same month tragedy struck when three crew members were killed during a mid-air collision between two Oxfords.

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