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And the messages circulate continually but contain no information about what particular week or month of the year the events described supposedly take place.There are Autism and ADHD months, but they do not generally occur at the same time.This brings us to another significant flaw in the message.It does not include any specific dates for the events it describes.There are official Autism and ADHD Awareness Months, but they do not normally take place at the same time.Autism Awareness Month takes place in April each year.It was forwarded to me.” And Lisa Belkin of the New York Times notes in a 2010 article: I called the U. Department of Education, where an assistant in the Office of Special Education Programs told me he’d never heard of a Special Education Week, though he wouldn’t be surprised if there is “something like that.” He then put me on hold and went off to ask others in the office.

In truth, such messages serve only to provide participants with a fleeting feel-good moment in which they mistakenly believe that they have actually done something to help.Information you won’t find at the library or bookstore.Any credible information about an officially designated, national US-based “Special Education Week” is difficult to locate.Recipients are asked to post the message as their status for an hour as a means of honouring “all of the children who struggle every day”.Most people who share the messages are likely to do so in good faith, and with a desire to help.

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