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I have firm breasts and I am very proud of those globes.

They make every male look at me twice and I have trouble shaking away many such lechers.

I started to read some sexy stories and I loved those on exhibitionism and wives.

The stories in which the husband gets excited watching his wife making love to other person excited me much.

At first he was silent and then he asked me the real reason for working for Dc .

With great reluctance I told him that I found Dc handsome.

By smartly dressed he made it clear that they should be smart, classy and revealing. I had decided to join but needed my husbands approval. I wanted to be near this handsome person and found that talking and being with him was making my panties damp.

That night after a hard fuck with my husband ( as I was excited with the thought) I told him bout my decision to work for Dc.

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I told him, “ Dc wants me to wear revealing clothes that will show off the cleavage in my breasts.

I never talked about this to my hubby but something changed with the change in my working department.

I have been working in a company in the admin deptt. After a few years of working, we found that the owners of the company had decided to sell the company and we found that our top boss was a young energetic man by the name of Dc.

I have nice ass and it sways as I walk that too is troublesome for me. Of late after about 3 years of marriage our sex decreased and now we fuck once a week or at the most twice a week.

I don’t understand why this happens and I tried to see to it.

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