Trinidad and tobago dating culture

The enslaved Afrikan population came from various cultural, linguistic, and religious backgrounds mainly from West Afrika.

Groups of free blacks from America and other Caribbean islands also populated Trinidad during and after slavery.

Role of planters in shaping relationshivs between different ethnic groups.

The role of European planters implementing indentured servitude had a tremendous effect on shaping social attitudes in colonial Trinidad.

Overview of Trinidads History and Ethnicity Amerindians also known as the Caribs and Arawaks originally inhabited Trinidad.

In 1838, Trinidads ethnic composition was further complicated by the indenture of Portuguese and Chinese groups to supply plantation labor.

However, these groups were not found suitable for the arduous labor of plantation work and instead became involved in grocery and dry goods trading.

In addition, a small number of Venezuelans immigrated to Trinidad during the nineteenth century.

The following chart illustrates the population distribution by race in 1963.

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