What episode does seth and summer start dating

She was super impressed with him and Tomika convinced her to ask him out but Summer still had to get his hopes up.In the halfway of the episode, Summer flirted with Freddy but the attempt failed.

In Video Killed the Speed Debate Star, Freddy tells the band that they need a better system for hiding their instruments, but then Summer quickly responded by saying that what Freddy said was utter and total nonsense and that it was based on false logic.

In Photograph, they both reveal they have feelings for each other and start dating.

However, in the season finale, I Love Rock and Roll: Part 2, after sharing their first kiss together, they decide to break up and put the band first.

Summer smiles and says that she was expecting a response like that from him. Finn says Summer is the new band manager of School of Rock.

In Money (That's What I Want), Summer dumps her mini-purse full of cents on his desk when he says he will charge people watching his skateboarding tricks.

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