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They also offer the ‘Daily 6’; six new profiles that may be of interest, sent to your inbox each day.The more you respond and interact with other people on the site, the more you are raising your profile, hopefully with the end result of you catching the eye of the one.If we choose to shift our focus from perfection to progression, it will become easier for us to let go of the illusion of a best partner.

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He used his wealth of experience in conjunction with Dr Galen Buckwalter’s work to come up with the premise of the site and scientific formula that endeavours to create the best matches for successful long term relationships.

She’s written several books for singles, been on over 100 TV and radio programs nationwide, and is a sought out public speaker.

To help singles battle these thinking errors, I often use the example of Peter (in Matthew -31) who was able to walk on the water when his eyes were on the Savior.

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