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Ask that girl you like out the next time you see her on the street, not anonymously profess love by means of Good Crush Yale.Maybe some guy you think is cute was #373 on your Yale Station compatibility list, but, taking myself as an example, maybe your best compatibilities don’t come from imperfect internet surveys.And why are all my friends on my suitemate’s compatibility list, when she doesn’t even know who they are?I don’t want to Teach for America or be a Consultant/ Finance or be Homeless. I don’t have time to watch television, so I just chose 30 Rock (of which I’ve probably seen about 5 minutes) and then “disregard” that question.I’ve discovered that, although the Yale Station survey and Good Crush and Facebook are all amusing to read and painstakingly analyze, hardly any relationship of consequence ever materializes from any of these online services.My current boyfriend doesn’t show up on any of my “compatibility” lists.

I get upset when students take the survey if they’re not available.

You can pay Crush Finder a visit, though since you're (probably) not a student you can't actually submit anything, but the gossip in you can check out the top ten most crushed-on students.

I didn’t want to join Facebook but did so at the suggestion of a 30-something friend of mine.

I’ve discovered that the most interesting things happen between two drunk students—if one knows the other likes him or her, that person will feel more free to act on the seemingly mutual attraction.

But mostly only when alcohol provides the courage to do so.

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